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Spirited Away 2 Haku's Story: Part One

"You wanted to see me?" Haku asked, walking into Zeniba's small cottage.

"Ah, there you are Haku! I was wondering when you'd get here. Have a seat," Zeniba said, looking up from her knitting and pointing to the chair across from her.

"I don't have time, Boh sent me a message. He says there's something going on at the bathhouse that I should know about" he said staying in the doorway."You wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?" He asked suspiciously. Kind as she appeared to be, Zeniba was still Yubaba's twin sister, and he considered anyone related to her to be far from innocent.

"How is my nephew?  My sister never talks to me anymore; I seem to have offended her somehow. And I certainly don't know about anything going on in the bathhouse; so you can stop looking at me like you think I'm some sort of evil spirit waiting to steal your soul," she reprimanded him.

"My apologies. You can't really blame me for being suspicious though, my past history with witches hasn't exactly been pleasant after all," he reminded her.

"No I suppose it hasn't," she sighed, looking a bit sad. "Has Yubaba threatened you at all recently?"

"No more than usual. Though she did threatened to turn me into a pig if she ever caught me talking about-" He cut off abruptly, with a grim look on his face.

"About Chihiro?" Zeniba asked softly.

Haku nodded

"We all miss her Haku, though I suspect you feel it the most. Still no luck completely breaking your contract with Yubaba?" She asked

"Unfortunately no, nothing with Kamaji or Lin's either. Yubaba is still furious with me for helping Chihiro break her contract, she's not about to let anyone else escape anytime soon," he said.

"I've been wondering about that. I understand how she’s keeping Kamaji and Lin there, but why you? The magic on your contract should have broken as soon you recovered your name," she said as Haku purposely avoided her gaze.

When Haku did not respond she asked:
"Haku? There's something else isn't there? Don't try to tell me there's another part of that contract, I was with my sister when she formed the spell for it. And besides, if you were still at the bathhouse you wouldn't need Boh sending you messages. So what's keeping you? The Spirit World is a big place, and there's not much left here for you."

"There is everything here for me," he said quietly. "Chihiro has never been to the rest of the Spirit World. If I leave how will she ever find me? I can't risk losing her again, I couldn't stand it. I have to stay here," he said, sounding very worn out and tired.

"This is what I wanted to talk to you about Haku. I've been reading the copy of Chihiro's contract you found for me. She can't come back here. If she does than Yubaba can try and force her back into her contract, or worse.  And she's most likely forgotten she was ever here at all, that sometimes happens to humans when they leave this world. It's been years Haku. You can wait for as long as you like, but she'll never come," she told him firmly, but softly, not sure how he would react to such news, she hadn't forgotten his ability to morph into his true spirit form.
For a moment Haku was as still and silent as a statue, and Zeniba thought it might be best if she told him the rest when he suddenly unfroze.

"You're wrong!" He shouted angrily. "Chihiro would never forget! She swore she would come back here one day!! She has too..." He trailed off as all the fight left him.

"Haku, she can't, it wouldn't be safe for her, or you. If she did, what do you think would happen when Yubaba found out? She hates Chihiro. It's safer for her in the human world," She tried to tell him.

"So what am I supposed to do? Just forget about her? You know I can't do that," he said

"And I'm not asking you to, which you would know if you would let me finish. I'm an old lady Haku, if I don't tell you now I might forget entirely,"  she said.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Chihiro may not be able to come to you, but you could go to her," Zeniba told him.

"What? I thought only humans could go through the passageway Chihiro used. Does this mean I could have left sooner? Why didn't you say anything ?Y-,Oww!" He exclaimed, rubbing the cut on his face where Zeniba's paper figure had struck him.

"Listen! I didn't have to tell you anything Haku. But Chihiro cares about you and you both swore to find each other. Now do you want to find out how or not?" She asked him calmly.

He sighed and finally sat down across from Zeniba,"Yes, please."
My idea for the sequel to Hayao Miyazaki's anime film "Spirited Away". This is the first chapter from Haku's point of view several years after Chihiro returned to the human world. His own contract with Yubaba has been broken, but Kamaji and Lin remain under her control. There hasn't been any word from Chihiro, but Haku has never given up hope. (She would be about 16 now) All right's to these characters belong to Hayao Miyazaki.

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